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Scan Coin SC 360 Coin Counter, Coin Packager w/ Auto Feed

Free Shipping, no Tax outside NY or NJ! One of our best sellers! The Scan Coin SC 360 coin counter and wrapper fills an important gap between heavy-duty counters and compact machines. We strongly recommend the Scan Coin SC 360 with the auto feed option for clean, uncontaminated coin. Such as coin from vending machines, laundry machines, etc. If your coin is contaminated (contains foreign debris, ie paper clips, buttons, screws, etc) The Scan SC 350 with inspection tray is recommended.

The Scan Coin SC 360 Coin Counter: Ideal Mid Volume Coin Wrapper with Auto Feed

The Scan Coin SC 360, comes equipped with a built in automatic feed coin hopper. This high-speed coin counter combines superior versatility with many advanced standard features. Whether you want to count, verify or bag volumes of coins or tokens, you have a reliable and great value coin counter, the Scan Coin SC 360. Separate adjustments for coin or token diameter and thickness make the SC 360 completely universal. Despite their relatively compact size, these are both high-performance units positioned to meet handling needs between heavy-duty counters and small back-office machines.

Automatic feed coin hopper Counts up to 3,000 coins per minute RS 232 interface for external control, remote display, AUX, etc Pre-selectable bag stops, memory, automatic reverse, automatic stops and outsort for small coins Large number of accessories 7 pre-programmable quantity stops (plus 1 continuous)

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Questions about this product? 1-877-663-6128


• Width: 295 mm/12.0″ 295 mm/12.0″ 
• Depth: 480 mm/18.9″ 480 mm/18.9″ 
• Height: 250 mm/9.8″ 380 mm/15.0″ 
• Weight: 17.5 kg/38.5 lbs 19.5 kg/43.0 lbs 
• Voltage: 110/230V, 60/50Hz 110/230V, 60/50Hz 
• Power: 100 W 120 W 
• Speed: up to 3,000 coins/min. 
• Coin diameter: Range, 15-34 mm/0.56-1.34″ or 18-38 mm/0.71-1.50″ 
• Coin thickness: Range, 0.8-3.4 mm/0.03-0.15″


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Weight 43.00 lbs