The future is now! Just announced, the unveiling of the latest innovation from the nations leader in ATM, ITM and branch transformation technology – the Hyosung 8100 QTN Cash Recycling MicroATM.

The 8100 QTN is the world smallest full function Cash Recyling ATM, forming a new classification of ATMs – MicroATMs. With a footprint of only 20″ x 30″ – this unit is designed to fit in even the smallest of branches or off premise deployments.

The Hyosung 8100 QTN is cash recycling. This means that cardholder deposited money, can be redispensed as cardholder withdrawals. This idea has been around for years- only in concept. The concept is now a reality. Hyosung married their existing bullet proof cash recycler (the MS 500A) with their tried and true ATM platform. Creating a new breed of ATMs.

What does this mean for you? Lower cost. More technology. Lower operational costs. Fewer loads. An overall enhanced cardholder experience.

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