Chevy versus Ford. PC versus Mac. Coke versus Pepsi. And of course, Hyosung versus Genmega. The battle of ATM supremacy in the retail space is as fierce as ever. Here is our $.02 on rival models the Hyosung Halo 2, and the Genmega G2500.

Hyosung Halo 2 ATM


Futuristic Design great for modern spaces. Large Customer Display Screens. Seamless integration of background graphics. Tried and true performance. Wide variety of models to fit every need and budget. Great warranty.


Some parts are not available for sale. Constant software updates (not always their fault). Longer lead time (some models ship weeks after the order is placed). Same two year warranty as Genmega.

Genmega G2500 ATM


A more bank like “boxy” design inspiration. Tons of options, from touch screen to dispenser choices. An eye to mount a camera. Fast lead time with over 3 shipping locations in the US. Parts are less expensive than Hyosung and more readily available from the manufacturer. Same two year parts warranty as Hyosung.


Standard display is smaller compared to Hyosung. Custom graphics do not integrate as seamlessly as Hyosung. Receipt Paper is necessary to compete transactions, where Hyosung you do not need paper for ATM to function.

Our Follow Up Thoughts

Nationwide we sell more Genmega’s. Locally we sell more Hyosung’s. Why is that? Our theory is business owners speak with other business owners. They ask “Hey what ATM did you get.” Locally, Hyosung Halos are king. Nationwide, Genmega G2500’s  are more common for us due to more options. Hyosungs overall is more popular, due to their larger model line and financial institution product lines. In fact Hyosung is the #2 supplier of ATMs in the United States, second to NCR. Both Hyosung and Genmega are outstanding performers, but Hyosung could cost you more to repair in the future. Their parts are more expensive, and not all parts are available. So for a real world example if a plastic rail breaks in your dispenser, you can not just replace the rail, you need to replace the whole side of the dispenser, which needs to be done by a certified repair center for a hefty price tag. With Genmega, you can just change the rails $10 later.

Hope that helps you in your ATM quest. If you have any questions, our sales experts are available to help M-F 9-5 eastern time by calling 877-663-6128.