We love ATMs and ATM technology. Not necessarily new for 2020, but relatively new to the ATM industry is the Hyosung Dual 1K Dispenser, and the software that drives it.

What is the Dual 1K Dispenser?

The Dual 1K Dispenser is two, 1,000 note cassettes – cash dispenser. You may ask yourself, great – so why do I want this? If you have ever wanted to offer your customers two denominations – lets say $20 & $10 bills, you now can- at an affordable price tag.

Dual denomination ATMs are nothing new. They have been around, almost as long as the ATM. But the price tag of a dual 2000 note option (the only one previously available for retail ATMs) has typically not made much financial sense for the retail business owner, or independent ATM deployer. Meaning it was hard to justify the investment – with from a ROI standpoint.

What Makes this Dispenser So Great?

First off- it is built on Hyosungs tried and true, origional style 1k Cash Dispenser. This dispenser is easily serviced. Parts are readily available. It is rebuildable. It is a workhorse and has been around for over 20 years.

Secondly- The software that drives this Cash Dispenser is by far the most advanced. For the programmer, it lets you set the dispensing style. Least Number of Bills. Max Number of Bills. Dispense Even Amounts. For the cardholder- it allows a user to Choose the bills they want to receive. For example- a cardholder can simply touch the + button, next to the desired denomination- and create their own personal mix of bills. Sounds simple- right! Typically the best ideas are!

How Much Does it Cost?

When purchasing a new Hyosung retail ATM, expect to pay $300 – $500 more than a single denomination 1,000 note dispenser. That’s all!

I have an ATM can I add this?

Theoretically, every Hyosung ATM is modular and can be upgraded, however by the time you purchase a dispenser and an additional cassette, and the brackets that lower it, and pay a technician to install it, it would be cheaper to buy a new machine. We always recommend speaking with one of our experienced sales professionals, who will guide you and help ensure you are purchasing the most appropriate equipment initially.

Final Thoughts

We are big fans, and Hyosung has really raised the bar on the Dual 1k Dispenser. Especially their software. It makes sooooo much sense!

If you are looking to add dual denominations to your ATM cardholder experience check out the Hyosung Halo 2, the Hyosung Force, and the Hyosung 5200.