Its that time of the year again. For most businesses, the holiday season is the busiest and most profitable time of the year. Unfortunately long lines and temporary help, can mean increase counterfeit losses. If you are looking for the ultimate protection- look no more. The Cassida Quattro counterfeit detector will give you an instant PASS / FAIL. Its so easy to use, anyone can operate it. Simply inset a bill in any direction, an within a fraction of a second get a verification of authenticity or counterfeit. Pens are great for small denominations. But Pens only test the paper. So a thief could “bleach” a dollar bill, and Print a $100 on it, and a Pen would not pick up that counterfeit. The Cassida Quattro counterfeit detector would instantly know that bill is fake by using multiple scanning sensors. The Quattro instantly looks for infrared security marks, magnetic ink, color spectrum analysis, size detection and optical density. It is super compact, Roughly 5″ x 5″, it can operate using its built in re-chargeable battery, and super simple to operate. The Quattro is a no-brainer for the holiday season. Best Products recommends putting the Quattro at all cash accepting registers, and performing scans in front of the customers at all times.


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